Sketchy EBM – Great Evidence Based Medicine Site

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This really slick new site came onto my radar when listening to my friend, Ken Milne’s (@TheSGEM) podcast ‘The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine. Ken’s podcast has surreptitiously taught me a great deal in how to interrogate research, as well as some great clinical topics. Having listened to a number of episodes in which Dr Anthony Crocco was a Guest Skeptic, I was thrilled to here that Antony had launched his own website focusing on Evidence Based Medicine and research appraisal.



Sketchy EBM has a growing gallery of videos that will undoubtedly enhance your thought processes around critically appraising medical research publications. As well as the EBM videos, Anthony’s (in)famous Ranthony videos are hosted – these are soapbox style rants in which Anthony tackles dogma and bugbears in Paediatric Medicine.

By way of introduction, I would strongly recommend spending the four minutes viewing ‘How I Read a Paper’. Jump in and get Sketchy and as the tagline says:

Always draw your own Conclusions

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