Learn to Take the Heat at SMACC Dublin


Next week the second (much smaller) round of SMACC Dublin registrations go live. In all the hype, don’t forget you can go back and add pre-conference workshop registrations at any time until they are sold out. Too many to decide? Curious about Stress Inoculation Training? Want to find out if Swami exists in real life? We have the workshop for you! Jump on http://www.smacc.net.au and be part of the team looking out how to translate training from other high performance professions into medical education.

Here is a preview of just some of what may be in store for you.


For a wrap up from SMACC Chicago check out http://lifeinthefastlane.com/learning-to-take-the-heat-at-smaccus/

And for some excellent content on high performance psychology for clinicians, check out my good friend Jason Brooks’ site http://www.phenomenaldocs.com

For more great high performance and stress inoculation FOAM form Mike Lauria go to http://emcrit.org/author/mikelauria/

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