Editor’s note (Jesse Spurr): This summary explains Jennifer’s research study for her Master’s thesis, where she set out to learn how  critical care nurses become resilient. You can read the entire thesis here, watch a short YouTube video here, or a detailed YouTube video summary here. I see the effects of burnout and, conversely, the protective shroud […]

Managing Exposure: Resilience in ICU

In my role as Clinical Nurse Consultant in Intensive Care I have to regularly review the things we do in daily practice against the best available evidence. Unfortunately, due to the processes and politics of many organisations, there is significant duplication in clinical practice guidelines. One of the most frequent […]

EBP and Consensus Guidelines for ICU

Editor’s Note: In a second installment from newly appointed Associate Editor and author, Wayne Varndell presents a snapshot of a current political and social priority and how it relates to those working in Emergency Care. Periodically the Australian Emergency Nursing Journal intend to release a number of “Hot Topic” publications […]

Domestic Violence and the ED: AENJ Hot Topic #FOANed

Editor’s note: Of late I have spent an increasing amount of time searching for quality, accessible, nurse driven open access content. Two things have struck me: 1) there are a huge number of nursing blogs that have had no new content for 2-5 years; and 2) We are not advancing […]

#FOANed From Australian Emergency Nursing Journal

Next week the second (much smaller) round of SMACC Dublin registrations go live. In all the hype, don’t forget you can go back and add pre-conference workshop registrations at any time until they are sold out. Too many to decide? Curious about Stress Inoculation Training? Want to find out if […]

Learn to Take the Heat at SMACC Dublin

As educators move to use simulation as a teaching modality, there can be a tendency to start with the simulator (mannequin) and work backward, allowing the tools to define the goal. With the rise of modern the healthcare simulation “industry”, many hospitals have invested heavily in simulation technology, with less attention […]

SMART Goals for Simulation Learning Objectives