Podcast Ep. 4 – The Power of Social Change


In this episode I’m joined by two change makers, thought leaders, and all round inspiring people. British Paediatrician, educationalist and philosopher, Dr Damian Roland (@Damian_Roland) and experienced health and social care leader, radical, and champion of Change Day Australia, Mary Freer (@FreerMary). With both the NHS and Australian Change Days coming up on the 11th March 2015, we got together to talk about the power of social change. When you finished listening, please spread the word about change day and jump on line to take action and make a pledge.

NHS Change Day http://changeday.nhs.uk

Change Day Australia http://changeday.com.au



Episode 4 – The Power of Social Change (40.17)

Podcast Ep. 3 – Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Episode three of Injectable Orange Podcast sees me talking to, well, um, me. I know, only episode three and doing solo shows already. It’s not exactly like that.

Last week I delivered a 25 minute talk to the new Intern group at my hospital. The talk was well received with some of the eager new docs coming and asking if they could share it with their colleagues or have my slide set. While they were most definitely welcome to the slides, as you can see from above, they were purely intended as a visual support to the talk (they are not my presentation). Mixed with a little egging on via Twitter, I thought I would record a condensed, made-for-podcast version and float it out into the ether.

So, for the new doctor, nurse or healthcare worker in your life, please share if you find it helpful.

A couple of links I mentioned in some length in the face-to-face talk are included here:







Injectable Orange Episode 3 – Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy (10:17)

Podcast Ep. 2 – Ross Fisher on Presentation Cubed

Tears in rainFollow Ross on Twitter @ffolliet

Episode two of the podcast delves into the amazing mind of Ross Fisher. Ross is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon in Sheffield in the UK. Ross is a self described presentation geek. In what is definitely the greatest moment for me with my Injectable Orange hat on, I speak to Ross about his passion, inspiration and philosophies on why we, as clinicians, must become better at presenting. I hope this episode serves as a gateway to Ross’ brilliant blog:

P Cubed Presentations – http://prezentationskills.blogspot.com.au

The post discussed in the podcast relating to the P Cubed concept is ‘The Maths of a Better Presentation’.

In addition to P Cubed, the talk at Queen’s College referred to in the podcast is linked below. This is truly a presentation that anyone can learn from, no matter how good you think you are at presenting.



The other great achievement that Ross wears on his sleeve with pride is his inspiring talk ‘Inspiration: Is This What You Are Looking For?’ from TEDx Stuttgart.

On to the Podcast


Injectable Orange Episode 2 – Ross Fisher on Presentation Cubed (34:00)


Other Links:

Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen

Nancy Duarte – Blog

Podcast Ep. 1 – The Teaching Course with Dr Matt Nettle

This, the first instalment of the Injectable Orange Podcast sees us speaking with Dr Matt Nettle. Matt is an Advanced Trainee in Emergency Medicine, Medical Education Fellow and a friend and colleague for a number of years. I took the opportunity to have a chat and pick some experiences and learnings from his trip to Baltimore to learn from the best medical educators in the universe.


            iTeachCan_sm ITC_can_sm meded_sm

This represented a whole new world to Matt as he set off for the US with a freshly minted Twitter handle in tow. Needless to say Matt has caught the FOAM bug big time. I grabbed Matt pretty much fresh of the plane in his first week back on the shop floor.


You can follow Matt on Twitter @mattnettle


Injectable Orange Episode 1 – The Teaching Course (17:09)

Check out The Teaching Course – http://www.theteachingcourse.com

You can live the experience from the October 2014 Course with talks on – http://new.livestream.com/iTeachEM/events/2966364