Podcast Ep. 7 – O Captain! My Captain! – Leadership

Practice change limits the possibilities. We should aim for practice evolution.

It’s been a long time between episodes. I place all blame for this on Victoria Brazil and our Simulcast project. This return coincides with a refreshed and revised vision for Injectable Orange. Backed by a great, new editorial team, we will be tackling the issues that affect nursing. What better way to launch the professional issues series, than by interviewing SallyAnne Jones, a friend, mentor and president elect of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the Queensland Nurses Union, leader in critical care nursing and true role model for our profession.

During the podcast Sally refers to the work of Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence and leadership, encourages us to read and study broadly beyond the nursing literature and to make reflective practice and active pursuit that we schedule time for like any other leadership task. This is an interview that has already change my practice.


On to the podcast:

Podcast Ep. 6 – Reconciling Social Media With ‘Traditional’ Education

In this episode of the podcast I am once again joined by my friend, British Paediatrician, educationalist and philosopher, Dr Damian Roland (see his site Rolobot Rambles). As well as Damian, this episode gets an extra helping of awesome from Damian’s co-author, medical education rockstar, Emergency Physician, Associate Professor at Bond University, Dr Victoria Brazil. Damian and Victoria recently published a very interesting paper suggesting ten ways by which we may reconcile the groundswell of social media with ‘traditional’ medical education.

Top 10 ways to reconcile social media and ‘traditional’ education in emergency care


Both Damian and Victoria are passionate advocates for open access knowledge sharing and, as such, were very keen to translate the key messages via a FOAM platform. Below is also a visual accompaniment that Damian posted on Slideshare.

In the podcast I mentioned I would give a brief update on some projects that have been keeping me busy of late. There is a lot to get through, so instead I’ll keep it short here and write a separate post soon.

The first and most relevant to this podcast is the very exciting news of winning the Stanford Medicine X – Simpler Signals Research ChallengeI was very lucky to work with Damian, and Dr Daniel Cabrera on a research project in which we used the Symplur Signals analytics tool, to validate the Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) community as a digital community of practice (dCOP). Damian will be presenting this at the Stanford Medicine X Conference on the 27th September this year.

“Defining digital communities of practice using a Netnographic framework for hashtag analytics”

As well as this research with Damain and Daniel, I have recently commenced in a new role as the Clinical Nurse Consultant in Intensive Care across two geographically split ICU pods, the Caboolture Redcliffe ICU (CRICU). It is very exciting to be back ‘at home’ in the Intensive Care.


Episode 6 – Reconciling Social Media With ‘Traditional’ Education (32.35)


Podcast Ep. 5 – Simulation Basics: Back to the Future



In this episode we revisit a conversation I had with my good friend and fellow of the nursing brotherhood, Brian Ericson. Brian, a clinical lead emergency nurse, invited me to have a chat and brainstorm about some of the risks, benefits and logistics of getting a program of in situ simulation started in his work place. We got quite carried away and ended up with two podcast episodes. One year on and in the lead up to SMACC Chicago, where I will be working on two workshops, including ‘Leave the Sim Lab Behind: In Situ Simulation for Clinician Educators’, I asked Brian if I could remaster and re-release a trimmed down single episode version of our conversation. I am really keen to deliver a number of episodes dancing through some of the more nuanced topics in sim and wanted to start with a solid foundation of looking at the phases of a simulation teaching event and some of the benefits for the learner and the educator in using sim in the workplace. Quite frankly, I had used all my best material and it would have been a poor surrogate if I’d tried to record it myself, so hence we have the first erNURSEpro/Injectable Orange crossover effort.


erNURSEpro  http://www.ernursepro.com


Episode 5 – Simulation Basics: Back to the Future (37.10)


For more on Injectable Orange relating to Sim, follow this link – http://injectableorange.com/?s=simulation

Also be sure to check out these two brilliant offerings from the St. Emlyn’s team and one from Dr Tim Leeuwenburg at KI Doc:

1) Top Ten Tips for In Situ Sim at St. Emlyns (Blog and Podcast)

2) The SWEETest Sim – Real People, High Fidelity at #SWEETs15 (Blog)

3) Simulation Apps – Review (Blog)


If you are in the market for free awesome simulation resources, check out:

http://mobilesim.wordpress.com (Great site with loads of resources and scenarios from Dr Jon Gatward)

http://intensiveblog.com/resources/icu-sim/ (New and very slick offering of fully templated scenarios for ICU In Situ Sim from Dr Chris Nickson)

Podcast Ep. 4 – The Power of Social Change


In this episode I’m joined by two change makers, thought leaders, and all round inspiring people. British Paediatrician, educationalist and philosopher, Dr Damian Roland (@Damian_Roland) and experienced health and social care leader, radical, and champion of Change Day Australia, Mary Freer (@FreerMary). With both the NHS and Australian Change Days coming up on the 11th March 2015, we got together to talk about the power of social change. When you finished listening, please spread the word about change day and jump on line to take action and make a pledge.

NHS Change Day http://changeday.nhs.uk

Change Day Australia http://changeday.com.au



Episode 4 – The Power of Social Change (40.17)

Podcast Ep. 3 – Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 2.44.47 pm


Episode three of Injectable Orange Podcast sees me talking to, well, um, me. I know, only episode three and doing solo shows already. It’s not exactly like that.

Last week I delivered a 25 minute talk to the new Intern group at my hospital. The talk was well received with some of the eager new docs coming and asking if they could share it with their colleagues or have my slide set. While they were most definitely welcome to the slides, as you can see from above, they were purely intended as a visual support to the talk (they are not my presentation). Mixed with a little egging on via Twitter, I thought I would record a condensed, made-for-podcast version and float it out into the ether.

So, for the new doctor, nurse or healthcare worker in your life, please share if you find it helpful.

A couple of links I mentioned in some length in the face-to-face talk are included here:







Injectable Orange Episode 3 – Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy (10:17)