No ICU? No Problem! An Internal Medical Emergency Team

An Internal Medical Emergency Team Concept From SA Health Australia

Believe it or not, 20 years after the inception of Medical Emergency Teams to manage pre cardiac arrest patients, a number of reasonably large Australian hospitals still don’t have a Medical Emergency management system. This team from SA Health have implemented a novel approach to overcome one major barrier – the hospital doesn’t have an ICU.

First2Act – Stopping the Downward Trend


This excellent resource was first brought to my attention via Ian at
Since then I have found myself recommending it so often to colleagues for use as a teaching resource,that I thought it very worthy of a quick and dirt repost.

Key points:
Produced as part of a multi-university collaboration.
Interactive video case scenarios.
Certificate of completion awarded (great for CPD).
Engaging and common cases of patient deterioration.
Great quick assessment strategies.