Podcast Ep. 7 – O Captain! My Captain! – Leadership

Practice change limits the possibilities. We should aim for practice evolution.

It’s been a long time between episodes. I place all blame for this on Victoria Brazil and our Simulcast project. This return coincides with a refreshed and revised vision for Injectable Orange. Backed by a great, new editorial team, we will be tackling the issues that affect nursing. What better way to launch the professional issues series, than by interviewing SallyAnne Jones, a friend, mentor and president elect of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the Queensland Nurses Union, leader in critical care nursing and true role model for our profession.

During the podcast Sally refers to the work of Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence and leadership, encourages us to read and study broadly beyond the nursing literature and to make reflective practice and active pursuit that we schedule time for like any other leadership task. This is an interview that has already change my practice.


On to the podcast:

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