smaccRUN Dublin


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Day: Sunday

Date: 12th June 2016

Time: 14:00

Distance: 5.2K

Meeting Point: Convention Centre Dublin

Route Map:

SMACCRun Route

Route Details:

(adapted from this site) NOTE: different start/finish points!


Just in front of Dublin Convention Centre is the sleek new car bridge, the Samuel Beckett Bridge. Cross it to get to the south side of the Liffey, and continue running eastwards from there.

 Beckett Bridge
Samuel Beckett Bridge to Grand Canal Quay

Pass the Ferryman pub and hotel and run along Sir John Rogerson’s Quay till the road ends, where you turn right on Benson Street.

 Rogerson's Quay
Rowers along Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

In 2 blocks you’ll hit the Grand Canal Quay basin, where you turn right. Don’t forget to heed the warning sign!

Don’t forget to turn right at the water!

Now you run towards that huge new glass building with the red sticks growing out front: the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Grand Canal Square.

 Energy Theatre
The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Continue past the theatre, along its right side, till the street ends at Cardiff Lane, where you turn right and run the two blocks to the river. Here, near the Ferryman again, turn left on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay and run the whole way back along the riverside to the Ha’penny Bridge.

 Ha'Penny bridge
The Ha’penny Bridge

You’re going to need to cross the spiritual heart of Dublin, at the old Ha’penny footbridge at Temple Bar. Standing on the bridge, with Temple Bar to your right, you can look over the whole route.

The new boardwalk along the Liffey

So, cross the bridge and turn right to run along the new wooden boardwalk over the river. The boardwalk goes all the way to the Custom House.

 Custom House
The Custom House

At the imposing, classical Custom House, the boardwalk ends, so cross the street to continue along the pavement. In just a block past the Custom House, you’ll run over an old iron draw-bridge. Immediately after the bridge, turn left to run north into the big open square surrounding the Custom House Quay.

 Custom house quay
Custom House Quay

You’ll run right through a stone archway. On the other side of the quay, cross Mayor Street with its modern tram line (Luas Red Line). You’ll see the Harbour House restaurant on the left, with the glass-room on the waterside. Continue running north past the restaurant along the other side of the canal leading to the next basin in just a hundred meters.

 Custom House Harbour
In Custom House Harbour

Turn right here, between new Custom House Harbour apartment buildings, and run along the basins until the path ends. You take the steps going down to the right, on Commons street. Run right back to the riverside, where you turn left to continue running along the water.

The Jeannie Johnston

A tall ship, the Jeannie Johnston, is anchored here, serving as a museum for the great emigration wave that resulted from the potato famine in 1845. Just behind you is the sleek new pedestrian bridge, the Sean O’Casey Bridge. Continue with the Jeannie Johnston on your right and you’ll soon see the Convention Centre Dublin up ahead on your left – hurrah!


We look forward to joining you all for a hot lap of the Dublin Quays. Make sure to follow @smaccRUN for updates and use #smaccRUN to organise runs during the week with your fellow SMACCDUB attendees.

Remember, IT’S NOT A RACE.

Important: please complete run disclaimer and expression of interest form here

Cheers, Jesse and Natalie

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