Goal Directed Simulation at The Teaching Course New York


It is with great excitement and a healthy case of imposter syndrome, that I will be coordinating the simulation workshop at the Teaching Course in New York on the morning of November 13th. In what could only be described as a Dream Team faculty, we will be running 2hrs of small group mini-workshops, followed by a super panel Q&A focusing on debriefing. We want to supercharge the workshop and maximise the participants access to some of the best clinician educators in the business, so I have curated this Flipped Classroom curriculum for In Situ Sim. These are a selection of some of the best FOAM resources to broaden knowledge on the topics that will be workshopped at #TTCNYC15

The first two hours will comprise a brief introduction and overview to the concept of Goal-Directed In Situ Simulation followed by four break out mini workshops:

The Fiction Contract – Confederates and Simulated Patients  – Natalie May & Salim Rezaie

Titration of Stress – Chris Hicks & Swami

Pre-brief and Debrief the bread of the Sandwich – George Willis & Simon Carley

QI through Simulation – Jesse & Brent Thoma


General Overview of In Situ Goal-Directed Sim

Injectable Orange –  Simulation Basics – Back to the Future Podcast

St Emlyn’s – Top Ten Tips for In Situ Sim Blog and Podcast

Injectable Orange – Tips for Team Simulation blog

ICN — Guerilla Sim: Anyone, anytime, Anywhere (Jon Gatward’s talk at SMACC 2013)

LITFL CCC — In situ simulation (overview of pros and cons and safety issues in in situ simulation)


Building Fidelity in In Situ Simulation – Fiction Contract

Injectable Orange – Plants in Simulation Vodcast

St Emlyn’s – Actors in Simulation (Nice review of Natalie May’s simulation experiences at SWEETs 15)

KI Docs — Tim Leeuwenburg’s excellent Simulation apps review


Titration of Stress in Simulation – Stress Inoculation

SMACCUS Stress Inoculation Training – Intro podcast from the Swami

Life in The Fast Lane – Review of Stress Inoculation Training workshop + resources a plenty


Pre-briefing and Debriefing – The Bread of the Sandwich

Jenny Rudolph and Harvard Sim Team – Establishing a safe container for learning in simulation: The role of pre-simulation briefing – Journal article 

iTeachEM  Thorough Vodcast overview of Simulation Debriefing from Sim expert Danielle Hart

St Emlyn’s – A great blog on real world Debriefing from Natalie May – not specific to simulation, but incredibly applicable to In Situ sim.

MobileSim – Excellent blog resource on Debriefing with a great structured approach to In Situ Sim debrief

Injectable Orange – Debriefing: a little carrot, a little stick – blog with quick beginners guide tips for debrief.


In Situ Simulation Resources for Quality Improvement

MobileSim –  MobileSim (Jon Gatward’s excellent in situ simulation website including guides, templates and scenarios

INTENSIVE – ICU-IS-SIM (resources for the in situ simulation program at The Alfred ICU, including scenarios)

Injectable Orange Templates – These documents are pro-formas that may assist with planning and evaluating scenarios Scenario Template (doc) & Post Scenario Report (doc)


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