Podcast Ep. 6 – Reconciling Social Media With ‘Traditional’ Education

In this episode of the podcast I am once again joined by my friend, British Paediatrician, educationalist and philosopher, Dr Damian Roland (see his site Rolobot Rambles). As well as Damian, this episode gets an extra helping of awesome from Damian’s co-author, medical education rockstar, Emergency Physician, Associate Professor at Bond University, Dr Victoria Brazil. Damian and Victoria recently published a very interesting paper suggesting ten ways by which we may reconcile the groundswell of social media with ‘traditional’ medical education.

Top 10 ways to reconcile social media and ‘traditional’ education in emergency care


Both Damian and Victoria are passionate advocates for open access knowledge sharing and, as such, were very keen to translate the key messages via a FOAM platform. Below is also a visual accompaniment that Damian posted on Slideshare.

In the podcast I mentioned I would give a brief update on some projects that have been keeping me busy of late. There is a lot to get through, so instead I’ll keep it short here and write a separate post soon.

The first and most relevant to this podcast is the very exciting news of winning the Stanford Medicine X – Simpler Signals Research ChallengeI was very lucky to work with Damian, and Dr Daniel Cabrera on a research project in which we used the Symplur Signals analytics tool, to validate the Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) community as a digital community of practice (dCOP). Damian will be presenting this at the Stanford Medicine X Conference on the 27th September this year.

“Defining digital communities of practice using a Netnographic framework for hashtag analytics”

As well as this research with Damain and Daniel, I have recently commenced in a new role as the Clinical Nurse Consultant in Intensive Care across two geographically split ICU pods, the Caboolture Redcliffe ICU (CRICU). It is very exciting to be back ‘at home’ in the Intensive Care.


Episode 6 – Reconciling Social Media With ‘Traditional’ Education (32.35)


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  1. Great post and discussions – I felt that Dr Brazil’s ideas were one of the most important things I took away from the first SMACC in Sydney. Communicating to our colleagues that FOAN/FOAM is NOT new, DYNAMIC and only as useful as the QUALITY of the content is essential! As Dr Hinds said ‘seek out the skeptics’.

    Interesting discussions about analysis of the quality of FOAM and assessment – look forward to hearing more on this.

    1) http://www.smacc.net.au/talk/victoria-brazil-technology-versus-learning/
    2) http://rolobotrambles.com/2015/08/28/what-i-learnt-this-week-5-things-specialities-dont-understand-about-ed-wiltw/
    3) http://ragepodcast.com/crack-the-chest-get-crucified-by-john-hinds/

    Technical Debrief :p
    – Congratulations, not only on the excellent content but the quality of the sound, editing and facilitation. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for number 7.