Key to The Future: MNHHS Nursing & Midwifery Conference 2



                Simulation Education Workshop: Technique, Not Technology: Nursing CPD 2.0

This post is to curate a selection of materials linked to the the Simulation Education Workshop I delivered on May 12th (International Nurses Day) at the inaugural Metro North Hospital and Health Service Nursing and Midwifery Conference.

The central theme of this workshop was scenario based simulation through the progress of a nursing career. There is increasing adoption of simulation as a teaching technique for many technical and team based skills in the health professions. The aim of this workshop was to outline practical tools that can facilitate the utility of simulation at pivotal points in the progress from undergraduate nurse, to new graduate, to team leader, educator, executive and beyond. Nursing has many divergent career pathways, but using the correct framework, I believe scenario based simulation can facilitate a smooth transition, expanding scope of practice, leadership and communication skills and understanding the risks our environments hold.


Australian Healthcare Simulation Community

This Health Workforce Australia (HWA) project aims to connect simulation educators and provide standardised resources that can smooth out the bumps and workload involved in introducing a simulation program into your institution.



Simulation Glossary of Terms

A very useful glossary of the vocabulary of health simulation. Development of a common language is important to take simulation from being an ad hoc event such as the “Mock Arrest” to a more educationally sound and crucially integrated teaching technique. Terminology sets expectation.

HWA Data Dictionary



These documents are pro-formas that may assist with planning and evaluating scenarios.

Scenario template (pdf)

Scenario Template (doc)

Post Scenario Report (pdf)

Post Scenario Report (doc)


Podcasts & Blogs

There are some posts in the back catalogue of Injectable Orange that can be found here SIMULATION Posts

Top ten tips for In Situ Sim at St.Emlyns – A great blog and podcast post giving ten solid tips about integrating simulation into your workplace education program.

Injectable Orange Simulation Basics: Back to the Future – A casual walkthrough of the phases of simulation.

Simulating Healthcare Blog  – A brilliant blog by Dr Paul E. Phrampus, a guru in the world of healthcare simulation.

Mobile Medical Simulation – A brilliant website curating a whole host of resources from scenarios, templates and debrief guide.



Thanks again to my awesome co-conspirators Sean Lannan and Thea-Grace Collier.


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