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Episode two of the podcast delves into the amazing mind of Ross Fisher. Ross is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon in Sheffield in the UK. Ross is a self described presentation geek. In what is definitely the greatest moment for me with my Injectable Orange hat on, I speak to Ross about his passion, inspiration and philosophies on why we, as clinicians, must become better at presenting. I hope this episode serves as a gateway to Ross’ brilliant blog:

P Cubed Presentations – http://prezentationskills.blogspot.com.au

The post discussed in the podcast relating to the P Cubed concept is ‘The Maths of a Better Presentation’.

In addition to P Cubed, the talk at Queen’s College referred to in the podcast is linked below. This is truly a presentation that anyone can learn from, no matter how good you think you are at presenting.



The other great achievement that Ross wears on his sleeve with pride is his inspiring talk ‘Inspiration: Is This What You Are Looking For?’ from TEDx Stuttgart.

On to the Podcast


Injectable Orange Episode 2 – Ross Fisher on Presentation Cubed (34:00)


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