Plants in Simulation 4

The following video presentation is a brief overview of the role of the confederate in simulation. Quite simply, the confederate is one of the best tools I have found in the quest to enhance the fidelity/realism for participants in immersive simulation. I will be presenting soon at the Laerdal SUN Conference – giving a workshop on In Situ Simulation for Patient Safety – ‘Waking Sleeping Giants’ and this video is going to be given as part of a flipped workshop approach in pre-attendance. It’s my first attempt at a screen recording and I learned a great deal (mostly how not to do it next time). I would love for others to share your experiences in simulation or in production of better quality videos than mine. I am really keen to learn.


Sanko et al. 2013 Establishing a convention for acting in healthcare simulation: merging art and science.


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