Irish Jellybeanery and the Man that Makes Everyone Smile 1


Last year I met Doug Lynch (@thetopend). Doug is one of those rare people who lives out his own genuine philosophy. An honest, heart on his sleeve type fellow, disarming, charming and by his own admission a suitable helping of bonkers. Sometimes you meet someone and instantly feel like you’ve known them for a long time. Doug has finally started up his own blog dedicated to his Jellybean vox pop style interviews that have become somewhat legendary following their birth at SMACC 2013. I can only liken Doug’s interview style to that of Between Two Ferns (if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out). I am looking forward to exploring the wild and wonderful mind of this great man.

Please go and have a good read at:

So as somewhat of an anti-climax to this post, here is a recent Jellybean in which, following much arm twisting, I ended up with an audience of one in a breakout room between sessions at SMACCGOLD. I had fun and felt quite humbled to be Jellybeaned.

For a full back catalogue compendium of Doug’s Jellybeans check out Life in The Fast Lane.

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One thought on “Irish Jellybeanery and the Man that Makes Everyone Smile

  • Doug

    Lovely talking to you Jesse.
    I shall investigate the Ferns thing.

    I’m very used to learning about new stuff from ICU nurses!

    Take Care.



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