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I was recently lucky enough to stumble upon @sepsissurvivors on Twitter. Her blog is built on a mission to present the collective plight of the survivors of sepsis and the invisibility within the post acute medical care spectrum. This site really resonated with me because, as Ian Impacted Nurse aptly put it, ‘we need to re-identify our patients’. This has been a personal crusade for me as I reflect back on the passing of my aunt, a nurse also, who died following hypoxic brain injury secondary to septic shock. I can say with surety, that the highest point of my working life was arranging for a real survivor of sepsis and his family to speak at our hospital’s nursing strategic planning day last year. The recollections of highs and lows of 3 months in hospital and how it was truly the little things that mattered, changed the way I look at Intensive Care. I believe we, as a health care system, can do much better to insure we are not setting these “survivors” up for a life of unacceptable badness. For that reason, I would implore you to check out the Survivors of Sepsis blog.

Also for a really good and simple look at sepsis check out this video:

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3 thoughts on “Survivors of Sepsis

  • Jackie Overstreet

    Great video! I am a survivor who lived for 7 days. I am Native American and believe God did his work. Looking for other survivors. We need more people to speak out!

    • Paige

      Hi Jackie! I’m so glad you found your way into our support network. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Thanks again to Injectable Orange/Jesse for all you do!

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