Injectable Orange Podcast

  In an attempt to challenge myself and learn heaps more along the way from technical skills of podcasting, to the knowledge brought by awesome guests, I am proud to launch the Injectable Orange Podcast – Enquire | Educate | Evaluate. The podcast is available via a number of routes. 1) iTunes 2) Stitcher Radio […]



Podcast Ep. 1 – The Teaching Course with Dr Matt Nettle

This, the first instalment of the Injectable Orange Podcast sees us speaking with Dr Matt Nettle. Matt is an Advanced Trainee in Emergency Medicine, Medical Education Fellow and a friend and colleague for a number of years. I took the opportunity to have a chat and pick some experiences and learnings from his trip to Baltimore to […]

Why I grow a Moustache in November

He said, with tears in his eyes, ‘I’m so sorry, I feel like I’ve let you all down?’ ‘My mum has told me so much about you and I’m so sorry I’ve done this again.’ This was a man. A young, smart, insightful and articulate man. He ended up in an intensive care unit, not […]



Is there a Critical Care (Nurse) Practitioner in the House? 1

Editor (Jesse): It is with very humble pleasure that plays host to a great insight into the strategic, organisational and personal history of critical care nurse practitioner role in the UK. @ccpractitioner himself shares an insight into his world. I have long been a fan of Jonathan’s website. Jonathan is a living example of […]

Goodbye Missus Chips

        Editor’s foreword: I would like to introduce a completely unedited, unadulterated and unsolicited view from the world of a newly graduated Enrolled Nurse. I think horizontal violence within nursing is still far too common place. We can all learn something from the people that inhabit the roles that all funnel in to […]