Learn to Take the Heat at SMACC Dublin

Next week the second (much smaller) round of SMACC Dublin registrations go live. In all the hype, don’t forget you can go back and add pre-conference workshop registrations at any time until they are sold out. Too many to decide? Curious about Stress Inoculation Training? Want to find out if […]



SMART Goals for Simulation Learning Objectives

As educators move to use simulation as a teaching modality, there can be a tendency to start with the simulator (mannequin) and work backward, allowing the tools to define the goal. With the rise of modern the healthcare simulation “industry”, many hospitals have invested heavily in simulation technology, with less attention […]


SMACC Dublin Registration

Follow this link for all the details about how to register for the best Critical Care Conference in the World http://www.smacc.net.au/2015/10/smaccdub-registration-information/ The countdown has begun: #smaccDUB registration opens next week! At last the final countdown has begun with less than 7 days to go until registration opens for SMACC Dublin. […]

Why Nurses Need to be Politically Active 2

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @JJackson_RN Editor: It is with great pleasure that Injectable Orange welcomes back guest author Jennifer Jackson. In this post Jennifer implores us, as nurses, to take an active interest in politics, as it really does impact right down to our capacity to provide care and treatment. This […]

Voters cartoon