Sketchy EBM – Great Evidence Based Medicine Site

This really slick new site came onto my radar when listening to my friend, Ken Milne’s (@TheSGEM) podcast ‘The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine‘. Ken’s podcast has surreptitiously taught me a great deal in how to interrogate research, as well as some great clinical topics. Having listened to a number […]



Lose the Egg – Take Off on Twitter 3

Recently I have been getting asked at increasing frequency, ‘How does Twitter work?’. I invariably give them these resources. Quite frankly, this post is simply curating the links I always end up Googling and giving to colleagues interested in losing their Twitter virginity. The first, in my go-to series from Prof Rob […]

Picard’s FOANed Skills – Testicular Emergencies 3

Follow Chris on Twitter @CtPicard Injectable Orange Editorial: In the second installment of Chris Picard’s series of Nurse-oriented, evidence-based assessment skills, he dives into the assessment of cremasteric reflex for testicular injury. While it is not the role of the nurse to diagnose, understanding of assessment techniques and rationale add to […]



Respiratory Review – Principles of Mechanical Ventilation   Recently updated !

Respiratory Review and the Principles of Mechanical Ventilation Videos Complex areas of clinical practice, such as developing an understanding of Mechanical Ventilation are challenging to grasp for those new to critical care. Be you a Doctor, a Nurse, or a Respiratory Therapist, skill, knowledge, and mastery of Mechanical Ventilation are […]

Picard’s FOANed Skills – Physical Assessment

Follow Chris on Twitter @CtPicard Injectable Orange Editorial: So the call went out on Twitter for eager bloggers to share their words via Little did I expect to get a response from someone whose work I am already a devoted (if not somewhat new) fan of. Chris has been putting in some brilliant […]